Learn More About How Our Platform Can Reduce Your Organization's Risk of Cyber Attack

Our online portal allows employees to log on, take the exams, and monitor progress. It provides incentive to learn by employing gamification strategies with our employee security score leadership board. Managers can also view reports that show employee performance and those who present the greatest risk of security breach.

One time traing is not effective. To ensure your employees remain vigilante against cyber threats, a year round approach is neccessary.  Our program combines, self-paced videos, quizes, simulated phishing attacks, micro training, security newsletters and many more features to make sure your employees remain vigilante.

We test your employees knowledge and susceptibility to cyber attack by sending fake phishing emails. Employees who fall for the phishing attack receive instant training at the point of failure. This reinforces training and gives the employee real world experience with phishing attacks. Additionally, employee actions are tracked and reported so that those who consistently fail can be escalated to management.

Due to its anonymity, cyber criminals use the Dark Web as a place to buy and sell stolen information. Our scan shows which employee accounts were breached, which breaches they were involved with and what information was breached. Employees who have been exposed on the Dark web put your organization at risk and must receive training as they will likely be targeted with phishing attacks. 

We offer 1 FREE Dark Web scan to local businesses.