cyber security awareness training for employees

95% of successful cyber attacks get started due to human behavior. Keep your organization safe with our non-technical security awareness program

"95% of successful cyber attacks are the result of a phishing scam"

Transform Your Weakest Link Into
Your First Line Of Defense

Employee mistakes are a leading cause of data breaches. A focus on improving
employee security strength will help organizations to minimize the chance of data

Online Video Training

Engaging, online, and case-study based video modules covering a wide range of cyber security information and scenarios that employees can go through at their own pace.   Employees are tested and must achieve 85% in order to pass. A certificate is given to all who pass.

Simulated Phishing campaign

We test your employees knowledge and susceptibility to cyber attack by sending fake phishing emails. Employees who fall for the phishing attack receive instant training at the point of failure. This reinforces training and gives the employee real world experience with phishing attacks. Additionally, employee actions are tracked and reported so that those who consistently fail can be escalated to management.

Dark Web Scans

Due to its anonymity, cyber criminals use the Dark Web as a place to buy and sell stolen information. Our scan shows which employee accounts were breached, which breaches they were involved with and what information was breached. Employees who have been exposed on the Dark web put your organization at risk and must receive training as they will likely be targeted with phishing attacks. 

We offer 1 FREE Dark Web scan to local businesses. 

our features

Engaging Training Videos

Online self-paced case-study based video modules covering a wide range of cyber security information and scenarios. Followed by an interactive quiz that reinforces lessions learned.

Cloud Based Security Portal

Employees have access to a dashboard that shows their employee security score, activities and progress. Management can log security incidents, see overall rating of employees and organization.

Employee Security Score

This unique rating system shows how at risk an employee is of being hacked based on several factors. A leader-board of employees scores encourages participation through gamification.

Continuous Training

Effective security awareness is continuous. Our platform provides weekly micro training videos, newsletters, simulated phishing campaigns employee vulnerability assessment and Dark web scans year round.

Written Security Policies

Pre-written security policies that are easy to adapt for your business or can be used as is. Security policies govern the how, what and who of your organization's security program and is a key component of good information security.

Monthly Newsletter

Monthly newsletter with engaging content that helps enducate employees on the importance of cybersecurity and keeps the risk top of mind.

Reduce Your Business' Risk Of A cyber Attack By 70%

IBM found that Humans are are the root cause of most successful cyber attacks, therefore the best way to keep your business safe is by providing your employees with cyber security awareness training!